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Below are links to the YouTube clips of 'The Good Impact Series by CoGo':

Episode 01: Carbon Zero - Striving for a ‘New Norm’ with Mike Berners-Lee, Guest Hosted by Mike Barry


Episode 02: The Future of Fashion with Safia Minney MBE, Eva von Alvensleben and Professor Rebecca Earley, guest-hosted by Mike Barry

Below are summaries and links to the blogs that I have posted on LinkedIn:

#BuildBackBetter - 9 steps to being a Better Business in a post Covid world

April 8th 2020

As the pandemic continues it has shown even more how important it is that we find a better form of capitalism. As businesses we must ask ourselves three important questions: Why do we need to change? What do we have to achieve? How do we make this change? In this I briefly discuss nine key points (and why these are only the starting points!)...

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Shaping a Sustainable Post COVID World: 5 Lessons for Business

March 26th 2020

As we face the war against COVID-19 it has become apparent that society will have to make huge changes in order to protect the almost 8 billion people across the world. However, we must use this chance for change to create a more equal, responsible, healthy society. Businesses must learn from this and seize the opportunity...

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Climate Action: We need more pace, we need more scale

March 15th 2019

Following the 2008 Financial crisis, there was fall in mass engagement from the public in climate change. Meaning much of the progress, such as the Paris Climate agreement has gone unnoticed. However, with more extreme weather and the introduction of Greta Thunberg's climate strikes there has been a resurgence in public participation. In this piece I look at what we've done so far, what hasn't worked and what we should be doing in our supply chains, in our products and in our operations to help reduce climate change...

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Why we need a new mindset to deliver a sustainable future

Feb 11th 2019

As we approach a 3C+ rise in global temperature we must look at how the mindsets of citizens, consumers, parents, partners, business leaders need to change in order to realise that it is imperative that everyone engages in sustainable change. The key is relevance, relevance to their day to day lives whether that be the weekly shop, the yearly profits, or the air quality for their children...

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CoGo: Putting Citizens in Control of Sustainable Consumption

January 7th 2020

For many years now countries have obsessed over GDP and growth which has resulted in a capitalist and consumerist culture. However, these capitalist ideologies are coming to a close, yet it isn't possible to just stop consumerism. We have to find alternatives, such as electric cars, plant based diets, and we have to make them easy changes. This is why a company like CoGo is exciting- its there to point your wallet in the right direction and allowing you to track how ethical the companies that you are spending money with are...​

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